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11 Netflix Films You Must Watch Now

11 Netflix Films You Must Watch Now
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11 Netflix Films You Must Watch Now

1.  Bullet Train (2022)

A bunch of ruthless professional assassins board a fast train in Bullet Train, an action-packed thrill trip that followsthem as they each pursue their own goals. Their paths cross as the train rushes toward its destination, starting a ferocious and bloody conflict. This movie promises a thrilling voyage full of shocks and heart-pounding minutes thanks to an all-star cast and frequent action situations.

6. The Cloverfield Paradox (2016)
The Cloverfield universe gains a new facet with the addition of this science fiction horror movie. After an atom smasher experiment goes horribly wrong, altering reality and bringing about the emergence of powerful beings, a team of scientists aboard a space station encounters disturbing effects. For seasoned fans, seeing this movie is a must because it’s jam-packed with drama, mysteries, and unexpected ties to earlier Cloverfield movies.
7. Red Notice (2021)
Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson all star in this hilarious parody movie. In order to find an infamous craft hoodlum and recover stolen artifacts, an FBI profiler teams up with two expert workmanship thieves. Red Notice offers an exciting, realistic experience that is full of activity, humor, and endearing displays.
8. The Platform (2019)
A vertical prison-like structure serves as the setting for the Spanish science fiction thriller The Platform. Prisoners are confined to various floors in this strange setting, and they must make due with the meager food that is dropped from a platform. The movie dives into topics of economic inequality and human nature as the hostages’ franticness increases.
9. Lucy (2014)
Lucy is a character played by Scarlett Johansson who acquires exceptional mental powers after accidently ingesting another substance. She sets off motivated to develop her entire self while overcoming dangerous foes as her cognitive powers soar. Lucy is a distinctive fusion of science fiction and action, creating an amazing movie with astounding visuals and an engaging plot.
10. 6 Underground (2019)
In the Michael Bay-directed high-octane action film 6 Underground, a group of vigilantes fake to die in order to take down notorious crooks and dishonest politicians. This high-octane movie shows Ryan Reynolds and his team engaged in an exhilarating and never-ending quest of equity, packed with unpredictable action situations and terrifying images.
11. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
A compelling historical drama based on the real life of Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith, is called The Pursuit of Happiness. The movie depicts Gardner’s transformation from a wandering stockbroker to an effective one, with a strong emphasis on his young child. This motivational and deeply affecting film exudes self-assurance and commitment to realizing one’s dreams.
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